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HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator Training


How is the course structured?


The HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator training is a dynamic course accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and is suited to different student's requirements.


What do I get?


In addition to the training itself, you will receive your own copy of the text, an MP3, Couples Handbook, a 70-page class syllabus, scripts and class outlines, 6 posters.  You will also have access to a Educators DropBox with HypnoBirthing videos, extra scripts, miscellaneous forms and handouts.


What will I learn? 


This course will teach you: 


  • An understanding of the workings of the body’s own natural “epidural” 

  • Relaxation techniques that eliminate the Fear-Tension Syndrome 

  •  An understanding of why women in other cultures have easier, more comfortable birthings 

  • How the mother’s body is designed to work in neuromuscular harmony with nature 

  • Proven hypnotic techniques to bring about easier, more comfortable labour and birthing

  •  How to eliminate fear and replace it with confidence and understanding 

  • The source of the myth that pain is a necessary accompaniment in normal birthing 

  • How to teach the birthing companion hypnotic rapport 

  • Specific techniques of hypnotic anesthesia 

  • The three stages of labour

  • Relaxation skills for each Prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal periods.

  • And much more!


HypnoBirthing Educator Course Content 


You will learn:


  •  Applications of hypnosis 

  • Attitudes about hypnosis 

  •  Basics of brainwave activity 

  • Laws of the mind 

  • Rationale for hypnosis in birthing 

  • Understanding clients’ learning styles 

  • Direct and permissive hypnosis approaches 

  • Dangers of unqualified therapy 

  • Steps to achieve hypnosis 

  • Mind/Body associations and applications 

  • Judging trance depth 

  • Guidelines for achieving change 

  •  Eye fixation/closure 

  • Elman Ericksonian & Shanti leads 

  • Eyelift conversion lead

  •  Deepening techniques 

  •  Post-hypnotic suggestions 

  • Awakening and alerting




You will learn about:


  • The beautiful female birthing body 

  • Anatomy of the female reproductive system 

  •  Internal & external structures 

  • Conception and early foetal development 

  •  Characteristics of the uterus - Fundus, Body & Cervix 

  • The baby’s support system - Amniotic sac, Placenta & Umbilical cord 

  • Three trimesters of pregnancy 

  • Physical changes during pregnancy 

  • Foetal positioning during pregnancy 

  • Turning breech presented babies 

  • Labour signals - Normal & Unanticipated 

  • Characteristics of managed labour 

  • Characteristics of HypnoBirthing labour 

  •  Onset of labour - Spontaneous & Induction techniques 

  • Foetal positioning during birth 

  • Labour stages as defined in typical birthing 

  • Labour phases as defined in HypnoBirthing 

  • Mother directed birthing


Course Content  HypnoBirthing Educator Workshop


 You will learn about:



  • The philosophy and beginnings of HypnoBirthing 

  • How the uterus works in birthing 

  • What’s wrong with labour 

  • How fear affects labour 

  • The origin of fear and pain in labour 

  • Prenatal bonding and fetology 

  • Preparing the mind for birth 

  • Hypnosis deepening and visualization 

  • Releasing fear 

  • Preparing the body for birthing 

  • Building a partnership with care providers 

  • Turning breech-presented babies 

  • Looking at the “due date” 

  • Avoiding artificial induction 

  • Preparing the birth plan 

  • How the body prepares for birth 

  • Preparing medical care providers 

  • The onset of labour 

  • Perinatal bonding 

  • Breathing through labour 

  • Breathing with birth 

  • Bonding with the baby




After your training, you will be asked to submit an assignment for marking, to assess your understanding of the course and submit a case study. If you pass, you will then be accepted as a certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator (HBCE).


To maintain your certification status, you will also be required to undertake a certain amount of continuing professional development – full details will be provided if you decide to train. 


When are the next courses?


You can find details of all the currently scheduled courses on our bookings page. You can also register for notification of future courses as soon as they are arranged.



What is the format of the training course?











All trainees are required to complete the following:


  • Four Day HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator Course


If you are not a birth professional (midwife, doula or obstetrician) you must complete the following:


  • Four Day HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator Course




  • Introduction to Birthing Basics (stand alone 1 day live taught course OR distance learning package).


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